Acidic Water Will Damage the Pipes in Your Home

Acidic Water Will Damage the Pipes in Your Home

Call now to install an acid neutralizer filter in the Terre Hill, Lititz and Ephrata, PA and surrounding areas

If you find out that your water is acidic, there's no need to worry. The skilled crew at Smith Water Conditioning LLC can bring the pH level to a normal range.

We'll hook up an acid neutralizing filter to your water pump. This device will:

  • Remove iron and manganese from your water
  • Protect your pipes from corroding
  • Keep your appliances in tip-top shape
  • Get rid of the metallic, sour taste of your water
  • Prevent blue stains around your drains

If you want to enjoy these benefits, contact us today. We'll respond quickly to install an acid neutralizing filter in your Terre Hill or Ephrata, PA-area home.

Do you have acidic water?

You know that low pH levels are harmful to your pipes and appliances. But how can you tell if your water is in an ideal range?

The knowledgeable team at Smith Water Conditioning provides free water testing services to residents of Terre Hill & Ephrata, PA and the surrounding areas. We'll check to see if your water is acidic, basic or just right.

Call us now to schedule your water testing service. You'll rest easy knowing that your water is safe to drink.